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Joselu: I want to play for Real Madrid all my life

PUBLICADO: 10/11/2023 05:33:48 EDT

Spanish international and Real Madrid forward Joselu said in an exclusive interview with a reporter from Relevo that the previous rumors that the team wanted to buy a new striker did not bother him at all. His goal is to have a good season and stay at Real Madrid.


This summer, Joselu was loaned to Real Madrid by Espanyol. Since the start of the 2023-24 season, Joselu has played 11 games (6 starts) on behalf of Real Madrid, playing a total of 626 minutes, contributing 5 goals and 2 assists.

In addition, Joselu's performance in the club was also recognized by De La Fuente and he was selected for the Spanish national team training list.


At 33 years old, are you at the best moment of your career?

"Maybe. Indeed, it is one of the best moments. I am in one of the best moments of my career, both physically and mentally."


Why should we emphasize the psychological aspect?

"Because I believe that having a stable and harmonious family atmosphere and a peaceful daily life can help you focus more on your own work."


Have you done any special research on psychological issues?

"No, I did (counseling) once a long time ago, but not anymore."


What happened?

"There are times in your career when things don't go your way. That was when I was in England and a lot of things weren't going right for me and when that happened, I tried to get outside help. I didn't do that at all. I don’t regret it, and I can also find out what I can do for my future self. It’s not easy to go through moments like this when you feel like you need help. I think this kind of mental health adjustment should be more normalized because it It will go a long way to making sure the players continue to grow.”


Your career has exploded after turning 30. What do you think of this? And the outside world’s evaluation and views of you have also changed.

"I don't know how to explain it in detail. The rules of competitive sports, I have had a lot of experience, I know what it means. Especially in recent years, I have been able to focus very much on football. Now, I can be here. In my I’ve learned a lot from the teams and leagues I’ve played in that have made me a better player.”


Do you ever feel like you are still the same as you were a few years ago? But now, the praises are raining down on you drop by drop.

"Sometimes this feeling crosses my mind... I think I'm still a player who has room for improvement, and players naturally have their ups and downs, but I feel like I'm the same as I have been over the past few seasons. Of course, not every A player can play for Barcelona, Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid and these are moments that you have to seize with all your strength. Now, I'm doing that."


How do you feel about being selected for the Spanish national team?

"I'm very happy to be called up to the Spanish team. For me, it's a great honor to be part of the Spanish team and represent my country. That's what I think."


Join Real Madrid FC and do you want to win the Pichichi Award (for being the top scorer in La Liga)?

"It's too early to talk about it now. As a striker, I'm eager to score goals and be at the top of the scorer's list. There are many high-level players here and they have a lot of goals. Just keep your feet on the ground and take it one game at a time." Try to score goals every game and try to help the team win. I haven't reached that top position yet. Last season, Benzema and Lewandowski both showed a very high level. Now Lewandowski Key is still here. And Bellingham... there are so many good players."


We are all curious, why did you choose jersey number 14 instead of number 9 this summer (at Real Madrid)?

"I said in my press conference speech at the time that Real Madrid has 25 numbers. If necessary, then choose them all, but this is not something I care about. This (No. 14) was the number I represented for Celta Vigo. The number I wore when I made my debut in Segunda División when I was 18 and that was it.”


Is this your own choice?

"Yeah, we all decided to pick that number and that was that."


Didn't they tell you you couldn't pick No. 9?

"No, it's not like that. From 0 to 25, I already said it on the day of the speech, I don't care at all. For me, the most important thing is to be a member of Real Madrid's first team."


Does it bother you when there are rumors that Real Madrid are looking to bring in a striker?

"Not at all. In the beginning, with Benzema, I knew the intention was for him to stay. I was also happy because I was able to share a dressing room with him. Then he decided to leave, but for me, The most important thing is to perform on the court and deliver what I’ve learned over the years.”


How did you feel when you learned that Benzema was leaving?

"I think the club will try their best to bring in another striker. Real Madrid always has high standards and requirements and hopes to sign the best players. What makes me very happy is that I have come to this team. I know what I can contribute to the team."


Did you think Mbappe would come?

"In the dressing room, there were times when it felt like he was very close (to Real Madrid), but there were times when it felt like he wasn't coming. In the dressing room, everyone would talk about everything. You never know what the truth is. , because you don’t know what was said between the two clubs. But sometimes it felt like he was coming.”


Tell us about your contract situation?

"Now I come to Real Madrid on loan with an optional buyout clause."


Do you want to stay here in the future?

"Of course! This is a club I would love to play for all my life and my goal is to have a great season and stay here."


Tell us about your teammate Bellingham?

"Bellingham has a lot of room to grow, he was born to play for a club like Real Madrid. However you call him, he brings us a different kind of personality on the field than a pure midfielder or a pure midfielder. Playmaker stuff. At the same time, he's a player who can hold his own both inside and outside the locker room and has that lifestyle that's well-loved by the fans and us. He's going to put up really good numbers at Real Madrid and go down in history. Club history.”


Does he surprise himself that he has scored so many goals?

"I don't think so. He will make full use of every moment on the court, fight as if it's the last moment, and have confidence in himself, which prompted him to perform very well."


What is he like in the locker room?

"A very humble guy who tries to communicate with everyone. I communicate with him more because I can speak English. He is a very hard-working person. Although he is only 20 years old, his mature mentality makes him look like he is 30 years old. .That kind of mature mentality and outstanding technical ability are incredible."


Talk about coach Ancelotti?

"Ancelotti is a top coach. When I communicate with him and all the conversations we have, he gives me a lot of confidence. I am very grateful to him. The brilliant achievements on his resume are enough to illustrate his greatness."


How many goals are you aiming to score this season?

"I don't like to give a specific number. I hope my goals can improve compared to previous seasons."


What were your goals last season?

"Scored 17 goals."


That means more than 17?

"Work hard step by step and see the final result... I hope I can tie or exceed this number of goals."

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