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Aspen: Mbappe needs Real Madrid more now

PUBLICADO: 10/12/2023 07:44:41 EDT

This season, Bellingham, who joined Real Madrid for 100 million euros in the summer window, has shined. In just 3 months, he not only conquered the Bernabeu fans with his performance, but also entered the discussion of the world's No. 1 player in the new generation.


AS reported that Bellingham allowed Real Madrid to find their media star, and he has the ability to become the next global media superstar. But Real Madrid's coveting of Haaland and Mbappe has not stopped. Bellingham's success has made Real Madrid firmly brewing the next strategic level signing.


Bellingham's success has taken the pressure off Real Madrid, with people no longer reminded of the painful "Mbappe transfer" in the summer, and at the same time the club conducted an internal investigation into the possible signings of Mbappe and Haaland. In reality, Mbappe's popularity has plummeted among Real Madrid fans, while Haaland's popularity has soared.


Theoretically, Haaland's center attributes are more suitable for the current Real Madrid lineup, but Real Madrid has not given up on Mbappe.


Taking into account various factors, Real Madrid has now regained some control over the situation. A club insider said: "Real Madrid offers glory and guarantees the seriousness of the results." In other words, Mbappe must decide between the ever-turbulent Paris project and a team that hopes to compete for the title and has many new stars coexisting harmoniously. choose.


Who needs the other person more now? Does Real Madrid need Mbappe or Mbappe needs Real Madrid more?


The erosion of Mbappe's image among Real Madrid fans corresponds to Haaland's growing influence, but whether the Norwegian forward can leave the team freely remains a mystery. Haaland's agent previously claimed her client "always had the key to leave." City offered Haaland sporting guarantees and they also tried to incentivize him to stay by making him the Premier League's highest-paid player, given that , Real Madrid must show greater appeal.


But whether Mbappe or Haaland joins, they will have to share the spotlight with Real Madrid and Bellingham.

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